Supporting patient quality, organisational growth and bottom-line performance

TestimonialnovonordiskManaging talent effectively is a challenge for every organisation. However, in the healthcare industry where there is a direct impact on the quality of patient care as well as numerous regulatory and quality standards to be met, the ability to manage staff is critical.

A healthcare organisation comprises numerous sets of specialist skills that are focussed on patient outcomes. Staff must therefore be supported by processes and systems that enable the business to remain compliant with governmental and industry standards whilst adhering to insurance company requirements and remaining profitable. This requires a combination of market leading talent management technology and industry knowledge.

NTT DATA Business Solutions and Australian Health Services Group (AHSG) have developed a specific talent management solution exclusively for healthcare organisations. Our solution supports a culture of staff accountability, resulting in higher levels of employee engagement, retention and productivity. This in turn leads to improved patient quality, greater safety and an increase in bottom-line growth.

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